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Start Your 14 Day Risk-Free Trial for $1/day! 

  • What does the 14 day Titan GPS trial include?

The Risk-Free trial includes a GPS tracking device and Fleet Tracking subscription to try for 14 days / 14 dollars. The trial includes the activation fee as well as free shipping to get the GPS Tracking device to your business, and back if you’re not completely satisfied.

  • Will I be billed during this trial?

Definitely not! With the exception of the initial $14 today, you will only be billed for the  monthly subscription if you wish to continue with the product and choose not to cancel.

  • Can I cancel the trial during this time?

Definitely! You can cancel at any time, simply by reaching out to us at Simply remember to return the GPS tracking device within 15 days of this email or the end of your trial period. (we’ll include a prepaid return shipping label)

  • What if I want to continue my subscription after the trial?

Awesome! You can purchase your trial GPS tracking device for $99.95 and continue your subscription for $31.95/month with an option to exchange for other GPS tracking devices for little to zero difference. 
Also, if you decide to purchase an additional 2+ GPS devices, you can keep the original trial device and the additional devices for free with a 3 year term Titan GPS Subscription. 

Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS

Mobil Grain Ltd.ORIGINAL
Innovations Credit UnionORIGINAL
Hy-Tech DrillingORIGINAL
Acme Environmental Services IncORIGINAL
Dr. Clean Inc.ORIGINAL
County of EssexORIGINAL

Try it for yourself
$1 a day, 14 days Risk-Free Trial Includes:

  • 1 Light-Duty OBDII Device
  • 14-Day Titan GPS Subscription
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Activation
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