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The requirement for ELD Ready Electronic Logbooks is coming! How much do you know about this impending regulation and will you be ready?


After years of study, the Canadian federal government has said they will implement new safety regulations aligned with the U.S. to tackle fatigue among drivers of commercial vehicles. Drivers will be required to record their hours of service electronically, rather than on paper logs that have been in use since the 1930s.

Transport Canada has not yet committed to dates but they have said that any timeline for compliance must be operationally feasible and aligned, to the fullest extent possible, with dates that the U.S. has set. There is no exclusion for Canadian carriers and therefore if drivers are operating in the U.S. they will be required to record their hours of service electronically by the dates set by U.S. regulators.

Will you be ready? How much do you already know about ELDs and Electronic Logbooks? Take the Electronic Logbook Quiz and find out.

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