GPS Vehicle Tracking

Vehicles are key to countless company fleets. They move the business forward and are essential to delivering the promises made to your customers. Something this important needs to be carefully managed. Something this important needs GPS vehicle tracking from Titan GPS.


  • Cut Fuel Expenses

    Reduce speeding, aggressive driving, excessive idling, extra travel miles put on by unauthorized use, inefficient routes and dispatch, and poorly maintained vehicles.
  • Increase Efficiency

    Analyze service call duration and identify situations where unproductive time is spent. Optimize routes and dispatch efficiently.
  • Control Labour Costs

    Create accurate and verifiable employee and vehicle-activity reports for more precise accounting and billing. Get a handle on labour costs and cut down on overtime.
  • Prevent Unauthorized Use

    Monitor vehicle activity to identify and prevent unauthorized or after-hours use. Set Geofence’s around restricted areas or set speed limits within assigned areas.
  • Stop Aggressive Driving

    Monitor speed and driving behaviour to reduce accidents, protect people and reduce insurance claims. Even provide in-cab audible coaching to remind drivers of company policies.
  • Trim Maintenance Costs

    Reduce expenses and costly breakdowns with timely service and maintenance reporting. Trim fuel expenses and decrease the wear and tear on vehicles and extend their lifespan.
  • Lower Emissions

    Decrease wasteful idling, lower travel speeds, eliminate aggressive driving, lessen distances travelled, drive better-maintained vehicles all of which burn less fuel.
  • Improve Service

    Create accurate and verifiable employee and vehicle-activity reports for more precise accounting and billing. Get a handle on labour costs and cut down on overtime.


Every mile and every minute counts and that’s why driver location is essential for vehicle fleet operators. Though, managing your vehicle fleet with Titan GPS is more than putting dots on a map. Create a culture of accountability.

Easily manage your vehicle fleet by knowing where your fleet is, where it’s been, and every activity in between. Reduce fuel expenses and lower emissions, cut unnecessary and unauthorized travel, reduce travel speeds and eliminate aggressive driving, improve routing and dispatch, and stop wasteful idling.

Titan GPS puts you in the driver’s seat.


Here’s What They’re Saying


    Safety of our crews is our priority and Titan GPS has really helped. We’re using the system to notify us of safe arrivals and to help us manage travel speeds down.

    Kurt Hoffman


  • Proved Invaluable

    We were able to monitor our vehicles, in real-time, and allocate resources in an effective and efficient manner.

    John Wood

    VANOC Organizing Committee


    We cut our fuel bill by 20% almost immediately. We didn’t fully appreciate just how much we would save.

    Gary Fitzgerald

    Fire Protection


With GPS vehicle tracking from Titan GPS you can track, monitor and manage any vehicle; car, van, pick-up, light-duty, heavy-duty, semi-truck – from any place at any hour with the powerful and easy to use Titan GPS mapping dashboard and mobile app.

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